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Male voice over artist Sekoyya Little has an insatiable (possibly incurable) love of story. Whether it’s a six second commercial, a thousand-page novel, two hours on the silver screen or among friends drinking vodca tonics around a fire, story in all its shapes and forms is his biggest passion. He maintains love of story is what led him to his place as a voice over actor at the top of his field.

Proud to have been able to write “voice actor” as his part-time occupation on her tax forms for the last 3+ years, Sekoyya's work has primarily been in commercials, eLearning and narration with brief forays into phone IVR systems and animation and a few on-camera pieces. With a background in digital marketing and working with sales, his talent, creativity and relentless work ethic have gained him a stellar reputation.

Generous by nature, driven by an unquenchable fire to perform and ideate, Sekoyya pursues excellence in the voice arts and is a leader in the voice community.

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