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Frequently Asked Questions

Get all of your voice over questions answered here. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Great questions! You should only purchase commercial rights when you intend to use this voice over for promoting your product or service in non-paid marketing channels.

You should only purchase social media rights when you intend to use this voice over for promoting your product or service in non-paid social media channels.

You should only purchase full broadcast rights when you intend to use this voice over for promoting your product or service in any paid channels. (Social, PPC, Etc.)

You should only purchase regional usage rights when you intend to use this voice over on regional radio or television broadcasts.

You should only purchase national usage rights when you intend to use this voice over on national radio or television broadcasts.

A revision is when you request a change to a voice over that’s been submitted to you for completion. You get a total of 3 revisions with any purchase order made with me to ensure your project comes out perfect.

Your voice over will be completed and delivered to you within 1-3 days. On average I deliver orders by the 2nd day. If you need an order completed faster, I offer 2 delivery options. 12- & 24-hour delivery.

Yes! Just contact me and let me know what type of accent you’d like for me to use for your voice over and I’ll let you know whether I can do it and then we can go from there.

Yes, I will accept any changes to your script if they fit the number of words of your previous script that you've paid for. Please make sure to deliver the updated script to me ASAP to avoid any added fees.

No. Script writing is not a service I offer. However, there are a lot of script writers you can find here on Fiverr to help you out.

No. I would love to work on any project no matter the topic, tone, etc.

Eastern standard time - Time zone in Chesapeake, VA

Yes! I can preform Authentic, warm, relatable, believable, conversational, clear, elegant, reassuring, friendly man, best friend, upbeat, authoritative, informative, college, snarky, sexy, funny, intelligent, and so much more!

Yes. It’s as simple as sending me the link to any video call for up to one hour. Please make sure to add the extra to the order during checkout. Unsure how? Please feel free to message me.

Fast delivery means your order will get delivered within 24 hours. Extra fast delivery means your order will get delivered within 12 hours.

What makes me so unique with so many voice actors to choose from is the fact that I can bring any script… To life! And with over 300+ 5-star reviews, 4 plus years of experience, and quality customer support. I have everything you need to provide the best quality sound to push your audience to engage with your video.

In my own home-quality recording studio with high-end equipment for a perfect sound.

Yes. But please make sure your video has subtitles in the right area to let me know when/where to place my voice over.

Microphone (Neumann U 87 Ai Large-diaphragm Condenser Microphone – Nickel), Computer & Software (Shadow 3.0 SkyTech Gaming Desktop Computer, Adobe Auditions, with Universal Audio Pro Level Plugins), and Special Equipment (Universal Audio Apollo Twin X DUO Heritage Edition).

My fathers long time dream was to become a voiceover actor since a young man. Today he’s achieved that dream and has done voiceovers for some of the biggest brand names in the world. 5 years ago, he passed the skill down to me. I gave it a chance, believed in myself, and gained a lot of success here on Fiverr doing the same thing. Thanks Dad!

Yes! I have a 5%, 10%, and 15% discount and subscription for my voiceover services. Please feel free to message me if you have more questions.

As many as you like. Please make sure to contact me if the number goes over 7. Thank you.

Just scroll up, and you’ll see a big green button saying “continue”, or you can message me, and I can send you a custom order with everything you need attached to the order.

Yes! I can read scripts with as many words as you like. Please contact me for heavy duty orders.

Monday – Sunday (24/7)

Yes. I have and extensive library of royalty free music and sound effects for your project.

No. No matter the content, whether it be graphic, political, or religious, I can bring your script to life.

Yes. I can use my Grammarly software to go through your script and fix any grammar issues and provide the right tone your audience will fall in love with. Just make sure to add the extra service to your order invoice.

Please provide links to the pronunciation of the word or add a MP3 of you speaking the word so I know how to pronounce it before delivering the completed voice over.

Just shoot me a message, and I’ll respond to help answer all your questions.

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